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Our mission is to deliver best in class customer service while preserving the art and quality of music.

cheMIXtry is a custom music mixing company out of Loreauville, Louisiana. Owners Kasie and Sully started cheMIXtry in 2011 to preserve the art of music for dance and cheer schools. Too often music is the afterthought of a dance, but in reality it is just as important. Without music, the choreographer has no story to tell. The emotions of the choreography can be lost without the right mix of songs.  We will deliver custom, high quality music mixes with seamless transitions to bring your ideas and choreography to life.

Sully Gondron and Kasie Gondron of cheMIXtry in Maui 2013

Kasie and Sully on their honeymoon in Maui circa 2013.

Kasie Gondron

I started dance at the age of 2.  I’ve been dancing and teaching ever since. Dance is my get away…no matter the problems and stresses in life, dance has been my go-to for relaxation. I have danced on many regional and national stages throughout my dance training. One of those stages includes UDA’s NDTC with my high school’s Top 5 nationally ranked dance team, the Carencro High Dazzlers. When I met Sully in 2011, not too long after we started cheMIXtry together(I came up with the name by the way)!  Currently, I am the choreographer/coach for Bridget’s Dance Academy’s Elite teams. With my background in dance, I was able to assist Sully in song choices, ideas, and overall quality of the mixes then overtime I began creating mixes all by myself (like a big girl LOL). cheMIXtry is truly a blessing to Sully and I. We get to do something we both love and appreciate together and that makes this journey even more special. In 2013, Sully and I got married and we now have 2 beautiful kids that keep us busy.  So if you hear babies crying in your mix….that is NOT a sound effect that’s the Gondron household!

Kasie Gondron

Sully Gondron

I’m a DJ…Producer…Recording Artist…Music Mixer…Speaker system builder…and Announcer for Loreauville High School Baseball.  Music has always played a huge part  in my life.  I played the drums for my dad’s band when I was 11.  I started DJing in 9th grade.  I recorded my first song called “We On Fire” when I was 16 using a tape recorder.  At the age of 18, I produced and recorded a nationally distributed album with my hip hop group Savage Squad titled “The Fame”.  Over the years I’ve produced 11 songs that have had radio play on the major stations in Lafayette, La.  I produced and recorded Big Zoe’s “My Journal” album in 2007.  Since then, I’ve stuck to DJing and making custom music mixes for our wonderful clients.  I am also the official DJ for Krewe de Wideload in Carencro, Louisiana.  I enjoy music…I enjoy it now more than ever because Kasie is along side of me doing the same thing.  Here are all the albums I produced.

Sully Gondron