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What happens when a DJ and a choreographer make an app?  The answer is The Dancer’s Remote!  Efficiency is key to creating the best use of your time.  So many times when teaching a dance, time is wasted finding that right spot in the song in which you are teaching the dancers.  When teaching the end of the dance (end of mix/song) the track will jump to the next song causing more wasted time.
Buttons on your music player are small, and you have to stop and look at your phone and hope you press the right button.  #fatfingerprobs
The purpose of The Dancer’s Remote is to allow choreographers, teachers, and students to easily play music on your phone while teaching or dancing.  Huge buttons make it easy to start and stop the music.  Cue points make it easier to find a specific place in the song that you are teaching.  BPM controller allows you to speed up and slow down the music.  The key features of The Dance Remote derived from the need to further assist our custom music mix clients.

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Innovation + Efficiency = Game Changer
Introducing The Dancer's Remote


The Beats Per Minute control slider allows you to speed up or slow down your music without changing the pitch of the music.  Find the BPM that’s right for you and your team.


Forget making playlists….  Now you can have all of your dance and cheer music in a dedicated library.  The library saves all your cue points, loops, and BPM adjustments.


Tired of touching all the buttons on your phone’s music player?  Big buttons allow a “No Look” adaptation as you get familiar with the controls.


Getting ready to teach the end of your choreography?  No need to fast forward or rewind anymore!!!  With cue points, you can mark 5 different areas of the song and instantly get to your place.  This creates efficiencies when teaching choreography.


Simplicity allows people of all ages to grasp the concept of The Dancer’s Remote.


Working on a section of choreography?  Set your loop points and listen to music without it stopping!  The loop function creates efficiency and lets you focus on your choreography.

How To Video Demos

How to Add and Delete A Song

How to Set A Cue Point

How to Adjust Tempo

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