Hello everyone!!!

So Kasie and I decided to start writing a blog about music, dance, DJing and cheer.  Our goal is to give our fans and clients a look at our views on the main subjects of our business.  For those of you who are not familiar with cheMIXtry, we are a music company that specializes in custom dance, cheer, fitness and sports mixes based out of Loreauville, La.  We actually do a lot more than just mixes.  For example, we have expanded into mobile DJing catering to brides and our lovely krewe members of Louisiana’s finest Mardi Gras balls in and around the Acadiana area.  Our moto is this… “Whatever the variable, cheMIXtry can create the perfect mix!”

In later issues of “The Blog” we will share special mixes with subscribers FREE for download on our site.  In order to continue to deliver the best mixes, we have built this website to insure quality customer service in a timely manner. For instance, you will notice the buttons below, by clicking on them you will not only get the chance to read and hear what each mix entails, you have the capability of submitting your order straight to us from there. Now how cool is that?



With that being said, welcome! Welcome to this new element of what cheMIXtry has to offer. We hope you get the answers you are looking for with our website and it’s amenities!


PS Be on the look out for cheMIXtry’s The CEO Baby videos!