Let’s say you buy a Mercedes-Benz…..It is fully loaded….. navigation, leather seats, etc. HOWEVER, the paint job is horrific and the first thing people see is the exterior. It still runs like a Mercedes-Benz but is a complete eye-sore. Your performance or dance is like a Mercedes-Benz. Choreography is fully loaded but your music is deafening. Let’s jump right into it.

Let’s say you created this SICKKKK routine you are taking to competition…. Has allll the tricks, moves, and style. Basically, the best dance you’ve ever choreographed in your life….. BUT the music is just not right. The transitions from one song to the next are all over the place, the sound quality is terrible because you ripped it from YouTube, and/or having to walk around in a circle or across the stage to take up extra counts of music. Therefore, when they are announcing awards and placements…. you don’t win. You get what you present right?

I have competed regionally and nationally and have been to TONS of dance competitions and nothing makes me cringe more than hearing flawed music. I’ve found myself literally shaking my head when watching a brilliant routine and the music sucks(in a nutshell). Music is ev-er-y-thing. It’s what enlightens our minds to think of fresh, new and innovative movements to create pieces. I know that as a choreographer that music drives me. When I hear a melody or beat and it speaks to me….. my bloodstream just wants to explode with excitement.

Before Sully and I started this company, I would edit and cut my own music on software that was so not appropriate for delivering a smooth, clean mix. It was not terrible but it was nothing to brag about. I LOVE mixing music but it’s not for everyone. Not only do you have to have the proper equipment and software, you have to have the desire to make something that will knock someone’s socks off and completely exceed their expectations.

On that note check out a cheer mix I made!