Team Batter Intros

What Is A Batter Intro?

When the batter is walking to home plate, it is the music being played and the announcer introducing him.  Often referred to as a “walk out song”.  cheMIXtry pre-recorded batter intros consist of a song of the player’s choice, team name, player’s number, and player’s name.  Listen to the sample below!


To increase the overall experience for both the players and their loyal fans. Majority of the players won’t play ball at the next level, and these batter intros will let them feel like they are already there!


  • Creates A Unique Atmosphere
  • Home Field Advantage
  • Boosts Team Moral
  • Increases Attendance
  • Enhances The Game Experience

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  • Are batter intros allowed by the LHSAA? Yes. The LHSAA will allow batter intros at each team’s discretion.
  • How soon will I receive the batter intros after payment? 4 business days.
  • Do I have a limit on the number of player intros? No, as long as they are part of the varsity team.
  • How can I playback the batter intros once received? We will send the batter intros via email in MP3 format.  You can play them back on any mp3 playing device: iPad,  any phone with a mp3 player, computer, etc.
  • Will all the music be “clean”? Yes, we do not use explicit versions of any song for any of our services.
  • How long does each batter intro last? 12 seconds
  • What if a player wants a new song? There will be a $15 charge to change song. Make it count!
  • What if the pronunciation of the player’s name is incorrect? We will fix it at no extra charge.
  • What types of payment do you accept? We accept checks, purchase orders (from schools only), online payment via credit or debit card.  We DO NOT accept cash or PayPal (for tax purposes).
  • What does the pregame mix contain? We put together a mix of 10 songs of your choice.  We blend all the songs for a continuous mix.  

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